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Slut Pink Pro Lesbian
Slut Pink Pro Lesbian


sell year 2020/ 09/ 04
data 41分min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Pro-Wrestling

Slut Pink Pro Lesbian

price 8,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The phantom professional lesbian work that was sealed is finally lifted! !!

Lemon Jurin, released by Silver Birch after many years, Leila Serikawa (both now retired) The first Lesbian Cat Fight work by both actresses is finally lifted! !!
*Lemon Satokawa and Lemon Jubayashi, who had been wrestling last year. Remon continues to bully Leila even after the match, and her character gradually becomes true! !!
Start caressing the body of Slut Leila and humiliate herself in secret language Professional wrestling technique + skillful tongue, Reira who dislikes with intense fingering is dropped into the hell of humiliation and pleasure and absolutely obeyed! !!
*See "Sexy Actress Pro Wrestling" by Pink Cafe au lait


Remon Kirin,Reira Serikawa

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