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Mysterious Girl Claire Patra
Mysterious Girl Claire Patra


sell year 2020/ 09/ 25
maker GIGA
data 90+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Mysterious Girl Claire Patra

price 9,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Kanae Nakagawa, a female student, is recognized as a girl full of justice because she saved Shiva, who had been attacked by Apophis while carrying "The Compact of Ra", an ancient Egyptian treasure exhibition. After that, Kanae who became Mysterious Girl Claire Patra fights against the monster Zderm who plans to revive the ancient evil god Apofis. However, after taking Shiva as a hostage, Claire Patra gets trapped by a mummy and becomes a sacrifice of Apophis, and she is ashamed. [BAD END]


Miho Touno

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