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Heroine Pinch Omnibus 28 Witch Hunter Sayaka
Heroine Pinch Omnibus 28 Witch Hunter Sayaka


sell year 2020/ 09/ 25
data 60+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Heroine Pinch Omnibus 28 Witch Hunter Sayaka

price 3,960 JPY

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Sayaka is a witch hunter who has traveled to fight against her parents, killed by seven witches. Sayaka grabs the clue of his nemesis, Rose, and infiltrates into the Kingdom of August without permission in the White Makai, and pursues Rose's subordinate, the assassinate Merak of the Black Makai. August's witch hunter Mitsuru confronts the stranger Sayaka. At that time, she succeeded in locating Rose's whereabouts with the help of Sayaka's mother, Sakura's sidekick Gade, but Gade was a traitor who sold her soul to the black demon world! Sayaka who is trapped fights deadly with the assassination black magicians sent by Rose!


Misaki Morino

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