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Super Long Hair Maid Hazuki Hair Fetish Service by maid Hazuki
Super Long Hair Maid Hazuki Hair Fetish Service by maid Hazuki


sell year 2020/ 09/ 12
maker virgin hair fetish
data 41分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Super Long Hair Maid Hazuki Hair Fetish Service by maid Hazuki

price 8,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

"Welcome back, master? Do you want to play hair fetish today?"

If you have a super long hair maid with shiny hair at home, do you want to have your hair play service on a daily basis?
This new work visualizes a situation that is dreamy for such a hair fetish.

"Super Long Hair Maid Hazuki Hair Fetish Service by maid Hazuki"

Hazuki is a super long hair idol who has provided hair fetish play for many years at a certain fetish sex shop that anyone knows about hair fetish.
The petite and slightly chubby atmosphere invited the hair fetishes to a world of healing.
To commemorate Mr. Hazuki's retirement, a work with plenty of Mr. Hazuki's charm was completed.

Hazuki-san came to shoot in a costume reminiscent of a maid.
Hazuki also gave a high quality treatment to her long hip-over hair and came with shiny trun trun hair.
If it's a hair fetish, you can't help but tease super long hair that gives off a sensual scent with such the best hair gloss.
I asked Mr. Hazuki to play with this situation in mind.

... When I got home, Hazuki, a super long hair maid, was waiting for me to return.

♀ "Welcome back, master? Do you want to play hair fetish today?"

♂ "Yeah, it's hair fetish play today."

♀ "Skilled, master?"

As soon as you breathe in the scent of the treated hair, Musco is ready for battle.

♂ "That long hair makes you feel good."

♀ "Yes, my husband?"

Super Long Hair Maid will serve nipple licking handjob, hairjob, hair fucking, and hair blow job to her husband exactly as she received special arcane training.

When you caress a super long hair maid with sixty nine, the inside of the secret shell is already toro.
Don't feel it during hair fetish service, but you will.
I can hear a faint pant voice.

♂ "Okay, today I'm standing back and sitting face-to-face with my hair."

♀ "Yes, please bukkake semen hair on Hazuki's hair."

With only the lower half of the body naked, the plump boobs are exposed, and every time you poke in the standing back, the super long hair sways to the right and left while being exposed to the light and glossy light.

♂ "At the end, I will lead you to hair shooting with a blowjob"

Blow service while long hair that gives off a black and gloss over 100 cm barely hides the lower body that is not dressed.
And it leads to hair morphism.
The long black hair that is beautifully shining with the best care, the cloudy greed juice is released many times.

♀ "Thank you for the semen treatment today?"

... I took this work with the image of a situation like this.
Hazuki-san, who has a maid-like atmosphere and a gentle and warm impression, really makes me feel like I'm serving as a hair fetish play.

The hair fucking and hair bra nipple caress, which are the first attempts in this work, are also a must-see.
It is enjoyable for those who have many sexual orientations, such as those who like to be served, those who like chubby, and of course hair fetishes who like super long hair.

Hazuki Hime Cut, Bangs Pattsun Moe Hip Over Super Long Hair Perm Colorless Virgin Hair
The finest treatment at the beauty salon before shooting

[Play content]
Gaze at freshly treated hair
Touching freshly treated hair
Hair flip
Nipple licking handjob in clothes
Nipple caress with a hair bra
Hair fucking
Rub the penis on the scalp
Self hair job
Blow while touching the hair
Hair blowjob
Caress the whole body with hair
Nipple licking hair job
Sixty nine
Standing back
Sadako back
Face-to-face sitting while touching hair
Blow in hair panties
Hair morphism

Recording time 41:09

* The face of the model is taken so that it cannot be seen.
* The model is over 18 years old and has been photographed with consent.
* Unauthorized copy sales and resale of the contents and images of the action are strictly prohibited. If found, we may take legal action.
* Occasionally, the screen may flicker due to a malfunction of the shooting camera. Please note that there is no problem with viewing.


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