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Hairjob, hair blow job, hair ejaculation with long hair Part 2
Hairjob, hair blow job, hair ejaculation with long hair Part 2


sell year 2020/ 09/ 12
maker virgin hair fetish
data 41分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Hairjob, hair blow job, hair ejaculation with long hair Part 2

price 8,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Hairjob, hair blow job, hair ejaculation with long hair vol.03

The third hairjob hair shot is an active girl ● raw? !!
Not only for hair fetish, but also for loli lovers.

I have never dyed my hair and permed since I was born,
I got a genuine virgin hair with a preeminent luster.

Shampoo uses Pantene,
Because I was in the morning on the day of shooting,
Immediately enjoy the scent of hair wrapped in the scent of shampoo,
That alone is on the verge of an outburst!

I was asked to change into a sailor suit during the shooting,
What a pie!
I'm sorry I couldn't fit it in the camera!
And not just virgin hair
Isn't it a genuine virgin!

Hairjob, hair blow job that I have not experienced yet,
A daughter who swallows quickly after acting instruction
Did you know the point of pleasure of a man?
Immediately it seemed to be alive.

Surrounded by the nice scent of Pantene,
Massive ejaculation on hair comfortably.
Because the surface of the hair is glossy
It is a must-see where the semen slides down.

This girl, next time I would like to have a book ● shooting and virgin.

This time, I interviewed him about his impressions after shooting.
I hope you will feel the presence after shooting!

(1) Impressions of my first hair job I didn't know how to make a man feel good over there with hair, so I was happy that he taught me how to do it and I was able to wrap my hair over there. When I was rubbing or rubbing, I was thrilled (I wonder if you are excited now)

(2) Impressions of ejaculation on my hair for the first time Somehow it was warm and a little scary at first, but I was thrilled, but the moment the sperm flowed down my hair, I felt happy.

[Model] Teens, straight hair up to the back, no habit, glossy black

[Play content]
Seeing the hair from behind
Nipple licking / attack
Blow while hairjob
Hair shot after blowjob

? Long hair, hair job, hair blow job, hair ejaculation vol.04

I killed a 70 cm long black hair girl.

It seems that he usually works with stress,
He said that he applied for stress relief as well.
It seems that he is summarizing at work
With long black hair that has been grated and straightened,
I played a lot of hair.

If you instruct them to come in the morning before shooting,
She is an honest girl who protects her properly.
Shan? ゜ was essential.
The scent of the essential floats on the shooting site.

The quality of the hair is soft, and when the hair is squeezed, it feels good to be in heaven.

This time, I shot the hair with the pattern of ejaculating as it is while doing hairjob.

A large amount of ejaculation is applied to the soft long hair while being given a hair job.
Semen has soaked into my hair.

20's waist Ren straight hair black hair

[Play content]
Gaze at the hair from behind
Shampoo CM-like movement
Nipple licking
Handjob while licking nipples
Whole body caress with hair
Hairjob (from model / self hairjob)
Hair Blow (Blow with hair wrapped around)
Sadako Blow
Hair shot with hair job

Recording time 41:24
Completely unpublished work

* The face of the model is taken so that it cannot be seen.
* The model is over 18 years old and has been photographed with consent.
* Unauthorized copy sales and resale of the contents and images of the action are strictly prohibited. If found, we may take legal action.


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