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Yuria's hair fetish play 48 hands ~ the ultimate 48 hair fetish play
Yuria's hair fetish play 48 hands ~ the ultimate 48 hair fetish play


sell year 2020/ 09/ 12
maker virgin hair fetish
data 52分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Yuria's hair fetish play 48 hands ~ the ultimate 48 hair fetish play

price 11,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Super long hair Yuria-chan, completely retired work! !!

This is Yuria-chan's last appearance, which captivated the world's hair fetishes.
This glossy super long hair with a nice scent that destroys the man's reason will be the last minute.

Like the previous work, this time it was shot with a high quality camera.
You can realistically list each hair gloss.

title is,

"Yuria hair fetish play 48 hands-the ultimate 48 hair fetish play"

"With gratitude to the hair fetish men of Yuria fans who have supported me so far."
Yuria-chan showed off her completely burned hair fetish play.

We have carefully selected and recorded 48 plays that will please all hair fetishes.

In this work, Yuria-chan played five situations.

Sadako x down style
Sadako in the movie came from the screen to give her hair fetish play.
If you are obsessed with the grudge of long hair, you can no longer live without it.
The man who was obsessed with grudges, by Sadako's hair fetish play that is unfolded one after another
It is said that semen is squeezed until it withers.
However, no one has seen Sadako's true identity ...

Love doll x down style
The love doll "Yuria" I ordered online has finally arrived at my house.
When you open it with the trendy heart suppressed, the scent of a nice shampoo makes your nose.
"Yuria" made so delicate that you can't think of it as a love doll
I instinctively thought about something bad.
"Yes, let's do all kinds of hair fetish play with this love doll."
Hair fetish play with a love doll, just like a real human being.
If I had this super long-haired love doll, I might not need her ...

Queen S x Ponytail
I came to the SM club where Queen Yuria, who I admired, is enrolled.
You can finally experience Queen Yuria's hair attack play that you dreamed of.
Queen Yuria, who appears in front of me, gives me a gentle but strict hair fetish play.
I'm just like a carp on a cutting board as it is done.
Super long hair with a nice scent tightens my son tightly.
The supple, glossy hair becomes a whip and hits my body rhythmically.
The damage becomes a pleasure, and ejaculation is greeted without a hitch ....

Cheongsam x braid
A companion of one of the hotels I'm staying at was dispatched to entertain business partners.
If you ask, it's an international student from China.
More than a youthful body and a beautiful cheongsam
I was fascinated by the beautifully braided braids and soon became captivated.
I wonder where I learned it, and I will give you a number of mysteries to hold down the acupoints of men, no, the acupoints of hair fetishes.
"Put your hot stuff on my hair"
With words uttered from an innocent mouth as if begging, I spewed a large amount of greed ....

Bathroom x shampoo
"You can come to stay tonight."
I was able to stay at her home for the first time when I started dating.
Today may be her virginity.
But before that, I want to wash her beautiful silky, super long hair.
Gently shampoo her super long hair that shines wet and black.
Then the feeling changed to pleasure, and she seems to be excited.
He sucked my son in the bathroom with a sensual shampoo scent.
What a great girlfriend I got ...

What do you think?
Screenplay a story that looks like a hair fetish novel
I asked Yuria to act as an actress.

You can enjoy 5 situations and 48 hair fetish plays in one work.
The ultimate hair fetish play work.

This work will surely captivate hair fetishes all over the world.
For me, Octo, who has been taking hair fetish works for a total of 14 years,
It is an unforgettable work.

Hip over straight hair without habit, legendary finest hair quality

[Play content]

Sadako x down style
1. Brushing
2. Air Shan
3. Headbang
4. Sadako Hairjob
5. Sadako Self Hair Job
6. Sadako Blow
7. Sadako missionary position
8. Sadako Gonzo
9. Sadako back
10. Sadako Cowgirl
11. Standing back
12. Face-to-face sitting

Love doll x down style
13. It ’s a princess
14. Breast massage
15. Brushing
16. Hair bra
17. Hair carpet
18. Love Doll Blow
19. Cheek slap with phallus
20: Love doll hair job
21: Love doll missionary position
22. Love doll Gonzo

Queen S x Ponytail
23: Hair whip slap
24: Strangling with hair
25: Phallic strangulation with hair
26: Handjob on all fours
27: Crawling nipple torture
28: Nelson Hold Handjob
29: Slap & Handjob
30: Knee job
31: Reverse anal with strap-on
32. S Woman Cowgirl

Cheongsam x braid
33. Touch the skin
34. Skin licking
35. Eat braids
36. Braid nipple attack
37. Braid Nipple Licking Handjob
38. Braid Hair Job
39. Braid bag
40. Braid Blow
41. Braid hair morphism

Bathroom x shampoo
42. Self shampoo
43. Milk shampoo
44. Shampoo from a third party
45. Shampoo Self Hair Job
46. ​​Shampoo Hairjob
47. Shampoo Blow
48. Dryer

Recording time 52:13
Completely unpublished work

* The face of the model is taken so that it cannot be seen.
* The model is over 18 years old and has been photographed with consent.
* Unauthorized copy sales and resale of the contents and images of the action are strictly prohibited. If found, we may take legal action.


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