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Heroine Brainwashing Vol.22 Dyna Woman & Accelerator Girl
Heroine Brainwashing Vol.22 Dyna Woman & Accelerator Girl


sell year 2020/ 10/ 09
maker GIGA
data 90+5分min
Genre Battle
> Belly Punching

Heroine Brainwashing Vol.22 Dyna Woman & Accelerator Girl

price 9,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Both Dynawoman and Axelgirl were fighting for peace on Earth. General Dougley, who plans to rule the Earth, comes up with the idea of ​​defeating the invincible Accelerator Girl by brainwashing the Dynawoman. And we have completed a brainwashing device that brings together space science! General Dougley, who used the dynawoman's self-esteem to prevent the two from becoming their enemies at the same time, succeeded in putting the dynawoman on the brainwashing device. The brainwashing device irritates the vagina and breasts of the lower body of the dynawoman with sexual pain and afflicts the brain. The dynawoman who leans back and screams is brainwashed. And Dynawoman defeated the invincible Accelerator Girl. The brainwashed dynawoman's expression was like a fighting demon ... and the accelerator girl was also brainwashed ... The two strongest female warriors were brainwashed and fell into the slaves of General Dougley ... [BAD END]


Ayaka Mochiduki Kotori Aragaki

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