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Holy Shinobi Denki Fire Hawk Mai
Holy Shinobi Denki Fire Hawk Mai


sell year 2020/ 10/ 09
maker GIGA
data 75+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Holy Shinobi Denki Fire Hawk Mai

price 9,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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The Hitaka clan was annihilated, leaving a dance, by the evil youkai clan who abandoned being human and gained magical power. Mai, who became lonely for the rest of her life, continues her journey to avenge the enemies of the clan, and finally confronts the youkai's head, Mad Fang, but all the attacks are evaded and the deadly mystery also runs away due to the curse? !! The demon, Mad Fang, raised Mai to sexual climax many times and ate it without exhausting its energy. The body feels pleasure while being fucked by a hateful man who is an enemy of the clan. And, the mad fangs that have transformed into the appearance of a demon pierce the dance with a huge thick Ichimotsu, and continue to give crazy humiliation, fear and pleasure! Is there no way to use the power of demons? !! What is the fate of Mai? !! [BAD END]


Wakana Shiroyama

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