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Heroine nursery beauty saint mask knee high
Heroine nursery beauty saint mask knee high


sell year 2020/ 10/ 09
maker GIGA
data 115+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Heroine nursery beauty saint mask knee high

price 9,000 JPY

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Kaori Ichijo, who transforms into a beautiful saint mask Knee Haian, was active as a psychic detective and exterminating demons. However, the strong and beautiful body of Knee Haian was the best as the mother of demons. Devil Lord Devilus plots a trap to turn Knee Haian into a demon nursery and seed it for further prosperity of the demons. An eerie monster from the demon world drags Knee Haian into the nursery hell ... in a slimy, mucous world, the demons devour Knee Haian, give him acme, and seed it over and over again. As expected, Knee Haian also ascends frenziedly. The demons sprinkled mucus until Knee Haian's sigh was exhausted. [BAD END]


Ayami Mikura

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