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Dengeki Himekami Vice Slender
Dengeki Himekami Vice Slender


sell year 2020/ 10/ 09
data 75+25分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Dengeki Himekami Vice Slender

price 3,960 JPY

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Yui Ichijo and Akira Futaba, members of Themis, an organization of justice, fought a fierce battle with the evil organization, Outrazor. It was Pain, a female executive who once killed Yui's father, who appeared with the monster Gorra in front of them. Yui and Akira fall into a predicament. Yui activates an incomplete anti-vice system to transform into a vice slender and defeat Gorra, but she cannot withstand the load of her body and collapses. Akira, who sorties instead of Yui, tries to become a vice slender to defeat the snake monster Boas, but is rejected by the system and cannot transform and is captured by the enemy. Yui awakens to rescue Akira, but Akira is taken hostage, and she cannot resist and is exposed to the onslaught of Boas and is defeated and captured. Can Yui save Akira and defeat Boas and Pain? ??


Yuuka Aragaki Asami Tachibana Noriko Fujioka

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