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Blindfold Messi & Rip
Blindfold Messi & Rip


sell year 2020/ 09/ 27
maker OfficeLadySpecial
data 47分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Wet and Messy
> Wearing Clothes

Blindfold Messi & Rip

price 6,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Full of mud and tearing scenes in suits!
The suit gets dirty and tattered while playing the game!

While playing a game in a white suit or beige suit, it gets dirty with ingredients and mud,
In a black recruitment suit, have them play with mud as they please.
All the dirty suits were in a state where I could never wear them again, so the model himself
I had it torn by hand. Everything was cleaned before shooting ・ A beautiful suit that wasn't there
Please take a closer look at how the figure becomes miserable!

① Taste quiz in a white suit (9 minutes)
② Punishment game with taste quiz (6 minutes)
③ Blindfold mud play with a suit (11 minutes)
④ Muddy suit tearing (7 minutes)
⑤ Covered with mud in a commuting suit (10 minutes)
⑥ Muddy commuting suit tearing (7 minutes)


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