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Venus Reprint Hairjob Hair Shot 1
Venus Reprint Hairjob Hair Shot 1


sell year 2020/ 11/ 10
maker virgin hair fetish
data --分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Venus Reprint Hairjob Hair Shot 1

price 8,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The long-awaited series for all hair fetish gentlemen has finally been released!
Since 2005, "Venus Video" has been selling maniac and fetish works that major AV makers do not have.
After 15 years, we will divide it into several parts based on the data at that time and resell the shocking work for hair fetish!

[Venus Video Reprint] Hairjob Hair Shot 1

This is the first memorable hair fetish play video by Octo of virgin hair fetish.
It has long been a legend among hair fetishes, and it has been sold at a high price as a phantom work in the DVD market.
With the cooperation of collectors, I woke up from a long sleep and released it as a reprint.

The model's name is Miss Grace.
A neat face that is not strange even if you are in a high-class club in Ginza.
Still, it also has the atmosphere of a beautiful witch that captivates a man.
Once it comes to hair play, she is a very attractive woman who also has eroticism like a slut.

And please take a closer look at your long hair.
Bright brown hair with firm and firm hair quality.
I was using a shampoo that smelled so good that I was excited to smell it many times even when the camera wasn't spinning.

For hair fetishes, long hair that can be said to be perfect for hairjob.
From various angles, I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of long hair with a sweet scent.

The last hair shot is a masterpiece.
A cloudy juice that beats a total of 16 times and is released on Miss Grace's beautiful long hair.
The brown hair became like a sticky treatment with a hair shot that burst into desire.

If it's a hair fetish, it's a permanent preservation version that you can enjoy as many times as you like.
You will be absolutely satisfied.
If you are a hair fetish gentleman who was captivated by Miss Grace as well as Oct, please also purchase other works starring Miss Grace.

[Venus Video Reprint] Hairjob Hair Shot 4 ③

[Venus Video Reprint] Hairjob Hair Shot 4 ④

20's black hair straight long with elasticity

[Play content]
Hair glaring from behind
Hair flip
Handjob while looking at the division
Hairjob from every angle
Whole body caress with hair
Hairjob in the backhand
Massive hair shooting as it is

* Since it was shot with a normal digital video camera, the image quality is a little rough.
Please note.

* The face of the model is taken so that it cannot be seen.
* The model is over 18 years old and has been photographed with consent.
* Unauthorized copy sales and resale of the contents and images of the action are strictly prohibited. If found, we may take legal action.


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