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Venus Reprint Hairjob Hair Shot 2
Venus Reprint Hairjob Hair Shot 2


sell year 2020/ 11/ 10
maker virgin hair fetish
data --分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Hair and Shaving
> Other Fetishism

Venus Reprint Hairjob Hair Shot 2

price 8,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The long-awaited series for all hair fetish gentlemen has finally been released!
Since 2005, "Venus Video" has been selling maniac and fetish works that major AV makers do not have.
After 15 years, we will divide it into several parts based on the data at that time and resell the shocking work for hair fetish!

[Venus Video Reprint] Hairjob Hair Shot 2 ①

Virgin hair fetish, which was born as a label specializing in hair fetish play, which had almost never existed until then.
The first work to commemorate

[Venus Video Reprint] Hairjob Hair Shot 1

Has received a lot more feedback from the hair fetish gentleman who far exceeded expectations, and we decided to make this into a series.
In the second work, three models will appear, and it will be the first one.

A small married woman in her thirties appeared at the hotel at the shooting venue.
It has a rustic atmosphere that you can find in a supermarket in the city.
The hair is a little quirky and may not be beautiful.

However, I was excited and ready for battle just by imagining that an ordinary housewife who seems to live in a housing complex in downtown would squeeze another man's cock and lead it to hair shooting without Danna's knowledge. It was.

Of course, I have never done hairjob, so I gave acting guidance before shooting.
Then, the movement of the hairjob's hands is smooth and comfortable.
I heard that Danna is almost less, but she likes handjobs, so she guides her to ejaculation with handjobs almost every day.
I was able to meet this very good thing.

It was said that blowjob and sex were NG by all means, but I received a firm hair job on semi-long hair with a slightly thicker hair quality, and at the end I shot a lot of hair with a hair job from behind.

It's also good to have a hair fetish play with common hair, so that when you eat fine food, you sometimes want to eat a Chinese restaurant in the town.

30's black hair straight semi-long with some habit

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Hairjob by camera angle from a male perspective
Hair shot by camera angle from a male perspective

* Since it was shot with a normal digital video camera, the image quality is a little rough.
Please note.

* The face of the model is taken so that it cannot be seen.
* The model is over 18 years old and has been photographed with consent.
* Unauthorized copy sales and resale of the contents and images of the action are strictly prohibited. If found, we may take legal action.


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