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Clothed bathing of educational trainees
Clothed bathing of educational trainees


sell year 2020/ 12/ 20
maker OfficeLadySpecial
data 58分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Wet and Messy
> Wearing Clothes

Clothed bathing of educational trainees

price 6,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

This is the story of Eriko, a job hunting female college student who is trying to become a school teacher.
As a part of the educational training at my alma mater's junior high school, I was given the task of bathing in the pool.
You will wake up to the fun of bathing in clothes.
A total of three stories are included: "Job hunting girls' breathing", "Clothing bathing remote training", and "Moment after the lecture".

[Main story] Recording time 58 minutes
① Take a break from job hunting girls (26 minutes)
Black recruit suit
② Clothes bathing remote training (21 minutes)
Blouse & tight skirt
③ A moment after the lecture (11 minutes)
Light gray suit


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