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Clothed bathing even after a job offer
Clothed bathing even after a job offer


sell year 2021/ 03/ 20
maker OfficeLadySpecial
data 36分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Wet and Messy
> Wearing Clothes

Clothed bathing even after a job offer

price 5,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Six months after the first shooting, the model has become a member of society, and will be shooting in the studio with an open-air bath for the first time. A black recruitment suit that was no longer needed for job hunting, such as "clothing bathing for the first time in a long time" and "stress relief with a commuting suit" that people enjoyed wearing a recruitment suit or commuting suit under the clear sky of midsummer. Contains a total of 3 stories of "Bathing the Punishment Game Again" wearing.

① Clothed bathing after a long absence (18 minutes)
It's been about half a year since I experienced "first clothes bathing" with a recruitment suit while I was looking for a job. When I got used to my life as a new employee, I had a live broadcast of clothes and bathing in a recruitment suit for the first time in a while. Unlike the indoor studio, because it is an outdoor open-air bath, you can get wet while wearing a recruitment suit while doing various things such as pouring water, taking a shower, and pouring water on your own. To go. There are plenty of highlights this time as well, such as a sexy scene while taking a shower and a clothing bathing scene where you can take off your jacket and see through your underwear. Please look forward to the sexy poses that the model will charm with an innocent look!

②Relieve stress with a commuting suit (7 minutes)
After bathing in clothes wearing a recruitment suit, take a bath in clothes or shower with the beige suit you are wearing for commuting to release stress. Beige suits have the characteristic that wet areas can be easily discolored compared to general black recruit suits. First, gradually get wet from the skirt in a bathtub filled with hot water. When it gets wet to some extent, soak it in hot water up to your chest and the suit will get soaked. In the middle of the happening, you will have to suddenly unplug the hot water in the bathtub. You will be blessed with the unexpected luck that the model's legs, thighs, and buttocks will be exposed along with the wet suit as the water level becomes shallower. At the end, relax while taking a shower.

③ Baptism of the punishment game again (11 minutes)
She is now a member of society and she works hard every day in her work, but her work mistakes cause her to get a punishment game. She reminds me of being able to shower while wearing a recruitment suit while she's job hunting ... she's also soaked today as she remembers a punishment game that was surprisingly fun and pleasant. I decided to enjoy it. She wears the same black recruitment suit as that time and is bathed in water. Next, her boss ordered her to take a shower herself, take a bath in her recruitment suit, take off her jacket and take a shower again, but she enjoyed a punishment game with a smile from beginning to end. ..


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