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Tickling X Chiharu Miyazawa
Tickling X Chiharu Miyazawa


sell year 2021/ 05/ 01
maker Adoa
data 70分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Tickling

Tickling X Chiharu Miyazawa

price 3,800 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Absolutely beautiful girl idol Chiharu Miyazawa reappears in [Adore]! Chiharu-chan, who has an outstanding presence in the idol group "Marshmallow 3d + team meringue", has been further enhanced from the previous time and tickled thoroughly this time as well! After all, the beauty and loveliness of the skin is the best in Japan! Super sensitive is also the best in Japan! !! !! This time, we will deliver a full course such as side tickling by standing restraint, waist, and groin tickling! !! !! You can see Chiharu-chan who keeps screaming many times in the crotch electric massage attack from electric tickling! It's the most naughty and cute, so it's a must-see! And the tickling of M man who opened his eyes last time is even more powerful! It's almost as if it was born for tickling M man! Tickling is a must-see without being mean and full of love! The overall finish is quite erotic, so please look forward to it! * This product is a DVD-R.


Chiharu Miyazawa

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