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Kusuguri Time Himari Kinoshita
Kusuguri Time Himari Kinoshita


sell year 2021/ 04/ 16
maker Adoa
data 80分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Tickling

Kusuguri Time Himari Kinoshita

price 3,800 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Himari Kinoshita, a popular actress with a sense of transparency that seems to appear in soft drink commercials, is appearing in [Kusuguri Time]. She is really cute. Himari-chan, who is so cute and super naughty, tickles the staff and tickles various places. It is a must-see because Himari-chan, who bursts into laughter and faints in agony, is so cute. Please take a look at Himari-chan, who is tickled and freaked out so much that the character collapses. It's so erotic. I had you challenge M man tickling for the first time in revenge. The charm of Himari-chan, which cannot be seen in ordinary AV, is tightly packed. In addition, serious masturbation and electric screaming attacks are also recorded. This is a highly recommended work. This product is a DVD-R.


Himari Kinoshita

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