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AS fart MR
AS fart MR


sell year 2021/ 07/ 01
maker Eiten
data 108分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Buttocks
> Other Fetishism
> Fart
> Shame

AS fart MR

price 5,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

A flatulence for flatulence lovers, newly taken by the Taste Doujin Association, which has a track record of expressing flatulence with ASMR for the first time in the world, to brothers who want to hear a woman's flatulence immediately in their ears. the work. The whole story is recorded with stereophonic sound, and flatulence continues to be emitted from the buttocks of a woman like a UFO floating in the dark. There are 438 shots of long flatulences, short flatulences, stinking flatulences, and ska flatulences. With the occasional expressions of shame and pleasure of the women.


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