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[New Price!]BEAUTIFUL GRAPPLING QUEEN-Torture of vengeance
[New Price!]BEAUTIFUL GRAPPLING QUEEN-Torture of vengeance


sell year 2005/ 01/ 06
maker Fem Dom World
data 80min
Genre Battle
> Strong Girl vs. Masochistic Guy

[New Price!]BEAUTIFUL GRAPPLING QUEEN-Torture of vengeance

price 2,900 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

Ram's boyfriend sold Ram to other man for his promotion in rank! She was forced to take hypnotic drug and she was binded, but she tempted him ,choked him with her thighs and made him release her! Ram began attacking him and after the fight, she overwhelmed him! She suspended the unsteady man and binded him on a tube. She sweared a revenge on him!

On the next day, Ram's terrible lynch began! She used whip, she kicked, slapped etc... The lynch was so terrible that he couldn't endure and he promised to be her male-slave. He was forgiven then.

One week later, she fed him in a cage and trained him as a human-horse. When he folded in on himself, she binded him and tortured his dick. Two weeks later, he was just a toy of her stress reduction. He was hunged and binded from a hanging pole. She enjoyed kicking him, slapping him very hard continously and making him a human-swing. The man cried out! She mocked! The man hated the life as a slave and he tried to escape. But he was found by her and he was captured again after a fighting. He was tortured again and he was declared death penarty! He desperately begged her for perdon. Ram continued bullying him and finally she execute him with her thighs!



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