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Mysterious catfight
Mysterious catfight


sell year 2022/ 09/ 20
maker TraumaArt
data 60分min
Genre Battle
> Catfight

Mysterious catfight

price 6,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

A female mummy vs. an oriental mystery, it really makes you fight. Why did female wrestlers, who have been declining in recent years, become like this? An incomprehensible battle that makes you feel the sadness of life unfolds.

Yurina, who is unemployed, fights against the mysterious wrestler Mummy Maina to recruit her. She was later found dead as a result of her incorrect first aid when she checked her condition with Yurina. Fearing her arrest, Mina decides to bring Yurina back to life. She is revived by a mysterious ritual, and for some reason, Yurina comes back to life with a mysterious oriental feeling and makes a strange voice and attacks Mina... Two mysterious beauties challenge her to a fierce battle to survive. .


Maina Miura,Yurina Shoji

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