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MASK VENUS Selection.1
MASK VENUS Selection.1


sell year 2014/ 11/ 14
data 44分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Mask

MASK VENUS Selection.1

price 3,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

I took the only thing you want to take in terms of Bofechi,
Purity of 100% of the mask fetish video!
The long-awaited package the download works of popular!

※ This DVD is the download work "MASK VENUSvol.20 collar"
It is almost the same of what you have re-configured as a package version.

Now his appearance model of Eri Kitami Megane-kko beautiful girl that are also active in the photo session and various fetish events.
Idol aura drifts cute looks is the best in the mask figure in glasses figure also true face!

This time the drama "If scary cameraman was a mask fetish". The suspicious photographer of tone is Susame,
Noisy and photographer and also in how to wear the mask of wear scene. If you then finished taking the various mask image
Asked to take off your clothes lay in bed. But drama to unexpected direction ...?


Eri Kitami

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