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Lemon's Challenge against Bonnoji !
Lemon's Challenge against Bonnoji !


sell year 2015/ 01/ 09
maker Bonnoji
data 42分min
Genre Battle
> Erotic Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice

Lemon's Challenge against Bonnoji !

price 3,900 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

I loaded with full-fledged training for popular Lolita AV actress Lemon finds a new yourself! Is it be able to defeat the worldly desires temple Todorokaseru notoriety in erotic world of professional wrestling! !

When have a sweet idea, to see the always painful eye ...
When the game begins, overwhelmed the disciples of Kageyama in JK a look strong skills contrary to the mind S Tsu such as electricity Amma with. Lavishly without any, decided to Hanazono lock of deathblow to bring strangled in Secret Garden lurking in the skirt, I send the disciples to Secret Garden. And finally Kageyama appearance of. Counterattack poking a chance of those that struggled to steroids of Kageyama. JK to open the power becomes a school swimsuit stripped off his uniform, to determine the lock Garden also Kageyama. But ....

Lemon was kept secrets that unexpected. But worldly desires wall of the temple is high, be subject to stripped baptism all the costumes ....


B78 W58 H82

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