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Heroine Ultimate Pinch JK Psychicer Makina
Heroine Ultimate Pinch JK Psychicer Makina


sell year 2020/ 11/ 13
data 70+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Heroine Ultimate Pinch JK Psychicer Makina

price 7,200 JPY

[ DVD ]

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A pure maiden who uses psychic abilities that only pure maidens can use to discipline the bad guys ... Makina Ayase. At one point, Makina helps her childhood friend Yusuke Nezu, who is being attacked by a suspicious group. Makina punishes a suspicious group with a pretty attack. Their true identity ... It was the "Love and the Truth Society of the Sky", an organization that attempts to indecent all women in the world. They call Makina a saint for some reason and encourage her to come with her. Makina who refuses it. Believers trying to take Makina by force. At that time, when a man emits a suspicious aura, that figure ... Can Makina prevent the evil of "The Truth Society of Love and the Sky" ...? !!


Miku Abeno,Noriko Fujioka,Yoshiko Hasegawa

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