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Ling VS Chui
Ling VS Chui


sell year 2020/ 11/ 14
data 36分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

Ling VS Chui

price 6,200 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Ling and Chui go into a wrestling match with blows!
They both have such beautiful looks and styles!
Plus, the wrestling strength is on par!
The two fighters were at each other's strength and soon they were rolling to the mat and into a battle to the death of the sleeper!
And then we'll be able to use a variety of joint techniques on each other.
Hold them down, choke them, and try to get them to faint giveaway!
They both struggle desperately in pain, but their pride does not allow them to admit defeat so easily...
It's a fight to the death.



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