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Xiaodie VS Xinxi
Xiaodie VS Xinxi


sell year 2021/ 03/ 06
data 29分min
Genre Battle
> Female Boxing

Xiaodie VS Xinxi

price 6,800 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Xinxi is a professional kickboxing player
He is also the master of Xiaodie.
She is very strong and has a high pride,
She always looked down on Xiaodie.
Xinxi will be in this match as well
She unilaterally looked down on Xiaodie and
She was trying to finish the match early,
How Xinxi always beats you against her master,
Prove your strength! Declare!
The act touched Xiaodie's anger,
Stand up in response to Xinxi's reckless challenge! !!
A match with each other's kickboxing pride!
Xinxi, a master who seemed to be an overwhelming victory,
The game is going to develop! ?? ・ ・ ・



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