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Battle Genre List

Genre List

prostyle Prostyle
The girls in ring costume battle with Pro-wrestling technique on the ring!
catfight Catfight
The fish-fight is broken out casual day. All the fight is cat fight!
boxing Boxing
The girls in full-swing gloves beat seriously each other! Serious Fight!!
muscle Muscle
The smooth and strong muscle is special to women! The fascination flows from all over their body!
erotic Sex battle
Women compete on the sex technique for their pride and retaliate caress. It is loser not to endure the orgasm.
lesbian Lesbian
The sex of woman-to-woman doesn't get pregnant. So it's genuine erotic action. To seek only the sexual pleasure...
heroine Heroine
The erotic battle of special effects heroine. They are raped by the evil hand. Do they manage to feel good?
mixed Mixed
The battle of women vs men! That is the mixed fight! Women beat down men! Men knock out women!
domination Domination
The girls are attacked unilaterally!. Despite their desperate resistance, they bend down and are dominated...
femdom Femdom
Masochist men are overjoyed at brutally bullying and discipline by women. They agonize, scream and beg for forgiveness.
female SUMO Female SUMO
Women rub their breast together and squash up. Their hair are tousled and the mawashi bites into their hip!
face sitting Smother
Women crush up a face by their hip! The smell and oppressing feeling can't resist! The crushed face is also best part!
giant Tall women
Women who are taller than men come onstage. The men are brought into submission by force...
pro-wrestling Pro-wrestling
From the major group to minor group... The conflict of women's soul! The beauty of fight turns into art!
denki anma Denki anma
Have you been tortured by DENKI ANMA once or twice? Is there anyone who was sexually awakened by DENKI ANMA...?
Belly punch Belly punch
This is the images focused on the belly punch to girls. You can enjoy the face of pain and the aspect of perseverance.
Strong girl beats Maso-men Strong girl beats Maso-men
A woman beats man with overwhelming might. Or women knock a man into smithereens!
Female Martial Arts Female Martial Arts
This genre contains pro-wretling, karate, kick, boxing and so on... Variety of combat sports!
Martial Arts Martial Arts
You can see heterogeneous combat that various combat sports face off. For example, pro-wrestling vs boxing, judo vs karate.
Martial Arts spanking
Some naughty girls really are never too old for an old-fashioned spanking over their mother's knee!