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akibacom FAQ

1. For those customers choosing international bank transfer for your payment.
Please go over this webpage for further information of international bank transfer. There will be transaction fees, and you are required to pay all of them. Please make sure that you are going to pay our bill(s) and transaction fees. Transaction fees include a 2,500-yen fee for the Japanese bank. When you are going to transfer your bill(s) to us, please copy the following and take it with you.

Mizuho Bank Tokyo Japan (SWIFT CODE: MHBKJPJT)
Ueno Shiten (BANK BRANCH CODE: 107)

3. For all customers from overseas
If the local customs or post office asks an additional charge(s), such as tarriff, it will be your responsibility. We will NOT be responsible for such extra and additional charge(s) by the customs or the local authority. Please pay.
Q2. Are there any important rule(s) for making payment(s)?
1. We do NOT accept Western Union-issued money order(s).
Western Union-issued money orders are NOT available. Please consider international bank transfer, or non-Western Union-issued international postal money order.
2. Please do NOT send cash for your payment(s).
If you send us cash for your payment, we will mail you the cash back, and the cost(s) (to mail you the cash back) will be taken from the cash. Also, we are NOT responsible for the customers sending cash to us. In other words, it will be at your risk and your responsibility if the money is being lost or stolen. Again, please do NOT send us cash, for your security.
3. Payment throuhgh Pay Pal and personal check(s) are NOT available.
Q3. How long do I need to wait until I receive my package?
1. If you choose either international bank transfer or international postal money order for your payment(s), we will start handling your package(s) AFTER we receive your payment(s). Please note that it may take more than a week to transfer your bill(s) and mail your international postal money order(s). Occasionally, it takes about a month.

2. Please note that we may ask you to wait for an additional week if the film needz to be ordered from the film maker. We will notify you if it happens.
Q4. What kind of package(s) do we use to handle and ship films and items?
We ually useparcel bag for handling and shipping our item(s). We occasionally use cardboad box when a customers places an order with so many films and items. (click to check the images)
Q5. I am living in the country or region where EMS (international express mail) is NOT available. Can I ask you to ship my package?
Basically, we are able to ship our items to wherever our customer asks or requests. Please contact to us for further assistance.
Q6. I am now living in Japan, and I would like to make order(s) from your website. Can I ask you to deliver it(them) to my place?
We can also ship our films and items within Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Please note that a 5% of sales tax will be added to your bill(s). For handling and shipping fee(s), please read here. Also, you might want to visit our Japanese website as well. Importanyly, your payment choices are: 1. Credit card; 2. "Genkin Kakitome" (available at post office); 3. Bank transfer. Please note that customers are respondible for fee(s) to make and mail "Genkin Kakitome" and to transfer your bill(s). Please ask us for further assistance.
Q7. Can I order the film(s) which is(are) not sold on this website?
Please do your research first, and then you may contact to us for further assistance. If you are able to find the one(s) which is(are) neither shown nor sold on our website, please provide the title(s) and item identification number(s). We will help you get the right one(s)! (However, there will be a few items and films which we can NOT ship to overseas.)
Q8. May I send you an email message to place my order(s)?
Please contact to us. We will help you order the right one(s) and will make a special arrangement for you, including payment(s). Please note that the payment should be either international postal money order or international bank transfer.
Q9. How do I find the films and items which would satisfy my preference(s)? Also, I would like you ask you to help me find the right one(s).
Please contact to us!
Q10. I have not yet received the order confirmation notice from you.
Please contact to us as soon as possible. You may have provided us wrong information, so you may double-check what you have provided for us.
Q11. Is it possible to cancel my order after the payment(s) is made or the package is shipped?
You are NOT able to cancel your order(s) for no matter what the reason is. If you wish to cancel your order(s), you MUST notify us BEFORE you place your order and make your payment(s).
Q12. What are the specifications of your films (DVDs)?
Our DVDs are formatted by the NTSC system. This format is available in Japan and in the US; however, it may NOT be available in Europe, or other regions. Most of our DVDs are region code-FREE. However, a few of them are region code-2. Importantly, please check with your DVD player(s) before purchasing our film(s). We may NOT re-ship the DVD(s) whose format is different and is not available for your DVD player(s).
Q13. Are your films or items legal or illegal under the laws and regulations of our country?
Our films and items shown in this website are legal under the Japanese laws and regulations; however, we can NOT assure that they are legal under your country's laws or regulations. Please check those laws or regulations by yourself. You have to be legally responsible for those items which you will purchase and view.
Q14. What should I do if my package(s) is suspended by the customs or the local authority?
If your package(s) is suspended by the customs or the local authority, it will be at your risk and your responsibility. Please check the laws and regulations and make sure that your package(s) will be shipped to you without any problems before placing your order(s). Also, please contact to us for further assistance.
Q15. I have placed more than two orders during a short period of time. May I ask you to handle and ship all of them at once?
First, please contact to us for special arrangement(s). If you place more than two orders in a short period of time, we may be able to handle and ship your items at once. Also, the shipping and handling fee(s) may NOT be changed whether your items are all handled and shipped at once. However, please note that such occasion is up to the films' availability.
Q16. I have a special request for handling and shipping of my package(s). Can you accept my special request(s)?
1. You may contact to us for further assistance. All customers are able to receive a special arrangement for his or her package(s). Please note that we will "legally" do such, and therefore we may NOT be able to accept your request(s).

2. If you would like us to put a certain or particular sender's name, please do inform us when you place your order(s). You may NOT be able to ask us to change the sender's name after you place your order(s). However, sender's mailing address can NOT be changed.
Q17. I will be visiting Tokyo and I would like to stop by your store in Akihabara. Please tell me how to get to there!
Please contact to us for further assistance before coming to the store. Also, you may check this webpage to get a map, direction from Akihabara railroad terminal. (TEL: 81-03-5296-9717) Our store manager looks forward to seeing and serving you! Welcome to Japan!
Q18. I would like you to explain why human genitalia is not crealy exposed in your films.
We must follow the Japanese laws and regulations to make our films and items, and that is why there are some parts which we are NOT allowed to express clearly in Japan. We deeply appreciate for your understanding.
Q19. I have a problem. I have gone over this webpage and have also gone over this page as well, but I was not able to find any solution(s) for the problem. Or, I have a question which is not mentioned in this webpage and website. Please help me.
Please contact to us for further assistance.
Q20.Some actresses in your website look very young. Are they really over the age of 18?
No problem. Some Japanese girls look young, which is apt to be misunderstood. However, all models and performers seen in our swbsite and products are older than the age of 18. Please enjoy shopping!