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BATTLESEX's winner is a woman who makes her opponent cum using erotic techniques. Under the rule they fight a match of three games, they fight. Insult is waiting for the loser!
The rule is the fighter must makes the another to feel ecstasy useing erotic technique. The loser must have punishment!!
This is regular root to join the SSSGP! Women keep fighting to aim the strongest fighter! Who will be the heroine in the boxing world?
This is mixed boxing with open category!
Two girls make a tag and fight against a heel tag! The battle is three rounds battle!
Queen's Wrerstle
Pro-wrestling of three match! Which is getting the last laugh?
SSSGP Grand Prix
Who will win the first prize? Selected girls come! We will show you the best bout on the best ring! Be the champion!
Cute girls fight in topless boxing battle! How beautiful fighting women are!
Woman Destroyer
I wanna see the tortured face! To make my wish reality, "Phantom Woman Destroyer" has come and seek for victims!
Face Sit Bout
Sit the opponent's face and smother! This is three-game match and facesitting label.
Female Pro-boxer Training
Enjoy cute female boxers' training scene! You can enjoy true-face of the boxers which they never show to anyone!
Female pro-wrestler training
This is image DVD included female pro-wrestlers' training scene.
The law of the jungle -Fierce Animal Pro-wrestling
Hungle Law! Natural selection will be waiting for lost team! Here is the worst humiliation! If a fighter take five games first, she is winner! This is domination fight label!
Fight against a girlfriend with wrestling!
I wanna fight against my girlfriend with wrestling... In virtual world, please make your delusions come true!
Fight against a girlfriend with boxing!
I wanna box with girls. Please experience their breathing in a virtual world. This is a first personal film!
Girls' mixed martial arts training school
Girls' mixed martial arts training school is an organization to grow the strongest girl.
Mixed martial arts training school -Mixed fight
In Mixed martial arts training school -Mixed fight, a man and a woman fight indiscriminatingly.
Lesbian Bout of Beautiful Mature
The lesbian bout for pride between mature women and young women!
Stomach Punch Mania
From a view of belly punch mania (from a first personal angle), belly punch sce is shot!
Onlookers Fight
The woman who flares up at shameless men breaks in men's battle! Tag match of women vs men!!