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MASK VENUS Selection.5
MASK VENUS Selection.5


sell year 2015/ 07/ 23
data 40分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Mask

MASK VENUS Selection.5

price 3,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

It took only what you want to take in terms of fetish,
Purity of 100% of the mask fetish video!
The long-awaited package the download works of popular!
※ As this DVD Download Movies "MASK VENUS vol.21 excellent" the package version
It is almost the same contents reconstituted.

Now his appearance model of the sexy model Kawasaki Yu's legs, which is also your activities photo session and race queen.
Now his that made the studio shooting for the first time is, deliver the "If" series of mini-drama in the double feature!

The first run to wear masks and image video packed with transcendence sexy swimsuit! "When I model is the mask If photo session". The two eyes are virtual esthetic experience video by first-esthetician Kos adopted "What if esthetician is not a gauze mask."
And by also incorporate a variety of making video and interviews. 40 minutes full-length of gauze faction convinced (probably)!

☆ Contents

1. mini drama
Once the model has a mask-If photo session

2. mini drama
Once - If esthetician is not a gauze mask

3. Interview with the model's

There ※ little shooting before the talk video, of crumpled mask making the video, also hat, gloves, etc. Dress image of model's bring


Yuu Kawasaki

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