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MASK VENUS Selection.6
MASK VENUS Selection.6


sell year 2015/ 10/ 02
data 28分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Mask

MASK VENUS Selection.6

price 2,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

It took only what you want to take in terms of fetish,
Purity of 100% of the mask fetish video!
The long-awaited package the download works of popular!
※ This DVD is almost the same contents to reconfigure the download work "MASK VENUS vol.23 Yu (2)" as a packaged version.

The Masufechi × medical fetish collaboration planning second edition with the direction of each other fetish, Kawasaki Yu is re-appearance, expand the full-scale virtual medical video by Nasukosu & Opekosu that likened a studio in clinic! From costume up to the various medical instruments, all genuine use of attention!

Tongue depressor in the examination scene in Nasukosu, nasal speculum, stethoscope, syringe, and enema in the surgery scene in Opekosu, vaginal speculum, etc. appeared. To deliver to everyone in the mask fetish medical fetish concurrently, dense 28 minutes!

☆ Contents
"MASK × MEDICAL FETISH ~ virtual clinic"
(Examination scene in nurse costume, recorded the surgery scene or the like in the operating costume)
There ※ also little shooting before the interview


Yuu Kawasaki

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