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[Tickling] popular actress Aoi Rena's foot-side tickling
[Tickling] popular actress Aoi Rena's foot-side tickling


sell year 2019/ 06/ 17
maker Adoa
data 19分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Tickling

[Tickling] popular actress Aoi Rena's foot-side tickling

price 1,710 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

SOD Awards 2019 The Best Actress Award-winning Popular Actress Aoi-chan's Foot-We will deliver a tickling video!

It is recommended! We let the beautiful deity beauty beauty Chan tickle with a hairbrush and a brush carefully!

I sometimes tickled on the softness and the soles of the foot and legs!

Rana Chan is weak in tickling and the response is super cute.

The reaction of the sole is outstanding!

I am very happy that the day will come to tickle such a cute girl.

It's pretty cute and it's naughty at etch.

There is a lot of charm of Chan that can not be seen by other AV works.

I think you can see the reason if you look at it.

Texture of skin is also beautifully drawn for shooting with 4K high-performance camera!
4K super beautiful!
You will feel like Rena-chan is in front of you!

Please see if you like tickling!

I highly recommend it!


Rena aoi
T158㎝ 80-57-85㎝

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