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Masochistic Actress Aikawa Minatsu Torture Record
Masochistic Actress Aikawa Minatsu Torture Record


sell year 2019/ 09/ 01
maker GOLD_BUG
data 170分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Kimbaku-style BDSM
> Masochistic Woman
> Mature

Masochistic Actress Aikawa Minatsu Torture Record

price 7,619 JPY

[ DVD ]

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A feature-length video that fully exposes the nature of obedience! ! Intriguing masochist actress "Mikawa Aikawa" legend! ! Minatsu who pours soup of pleasure while tasting humiliation by turning every pain into pleasure! When I feel embarrassed, the pleasure of twisting my hips ... ◎ Blind crotch and prick roller pinwheel blame! ! ◎ Nipple low frequency torture and octopus thread with a tight nose hook! ! ◎ Run serious rain juice by Amami's face torture! ! ◎ Thick dildo suffocation inserted in pillar restraint! ! ◎ Nipple crushed with reverse shrimp tied! ! ◎ Patience and excretion of heat wax in the glycerin aqueous enema by glass enema! ! ◎ Rear hand-tied candles & whipping hell! ! Rear hand tied anal balloon training! ! ◎ Octopus gourd anal grilled and electric hell! ! ◎ Rear hand tied Irama hell and strangled fuck! !


Mika Aikawa

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