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Heroine Ultimate Pinch Prime Woman
Heroine Ultimate Pinch Prime Woman


sell year 2020/ 07/ 10
data 60+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Heroine Ultimate Pinch Prime Woman

price 7,200 JPY

[ DVD ]

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The supernatural phenomenon reporter Kurino Shitara is actually a super heroine, Prime Woman, from another planet. Kurino meets an archaeologist and adventurer Hayato Arimura ahead of the investigation of an incident. Kurino was guided by Hayato into a suspicious building in the mountains, but what I saw there was a hidden golden statue and the monsters that protected it. Kurino fights by transforming into a prime woman, but struggles with the intense blame of Drange, a female homunculus who uses magic.


Rei Hanamiya,Saku Kurosaki,Ryouzou Mori

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