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Balloon Eros Girl 01
Balloon Eros Girl 01


sell year 2020/ 08/ 28
maker Master Balloon
data 53分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Balloon

Balloon Eros Girl 01

price 5,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The two beautiful girls are in awesome swimwear
Play with balloons in the dark
Fusion of fetishism and eros
Enjoy balloons and four girls

When I thought that a beautiful woman surrounded by balloons was reflected, I decided to change into a swimsuit for some reason. What's more, that swimsuit is so awesome that you change your clothes on the spot! ? You may be confused by the naughty scenes, but here's where the production starts. He begins to play with balloons in a naughty swimsuit. Playing with balloons, or playing with balloons and flirting just to break... While I was doing this, the important part was rubbed with a balloon and I felt like I was naughty. Even though "You" is right in front of you, you start using the balloons to start naughty things. Let's take a closer look at her who is being played by balloons! All the girls become horny when they have balloons in front... The balloons and your crotch will also explode!



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