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MASK VENUS Selection.8
MASK VENUS Selection.8


sell year 2021/ 02/ 20
data 47分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Mask

MASK VENUS Selection.8

price 3,800 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

A 100% pure mask fetish video that only captures what you want to shoot from a fetish perspective!
The long-awaited packaging of popular download works!

* This DVD is a package version of the download work "MASK VENUS vol.31 Ayu (2)"
It is almost the same content that was reconstructed.

In this work, Ayu Kurata appears in the mini drama "If there is a mask maid cafe-the second store-" as a cool and nihilistic maid of gas masks. At first she was the main character who ordered a regular mask course, but she was put on her and ordered her poison-proof full face mask course ...

In this work, not only gauze and pleats, but also various anti-poison masks provided by comrades can be put on and taken off, and full image images are recorded. In the challenge video "Wearing pleated masks on top of each other", Ayu, who burns her fighting spirit, struggles to break the record! The mini-drama "Cosplay Photo Session with Mask ~ Swimsuit Edition ~", which is about to enter the warehouse due to lack of shooting time, is also specially recorded as an unfinished version.


Ayu Kurata

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