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C&B VS Xiaodie&Ling
C&B VS Xiaodie&Ling


sell year 2021/ 03/ 19
data 54分min
Genre Battle
> Martial Arts

C&B VS Xiaodie&Ling

price 6,800 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Xiaodie is very confident in his strength
Overwhelming Chuan in this morning's match
Chuan's fainting after being bumpy
Taking a commemorative photo of her awkward appearance on her mobile phone
I even did humiliating acts ...
After that, Chuan, trembling with the wrath of revenge,
With another male player,
I will come back to Xiaodie in a rematch!
She was naturally convinced of her extra victory this time as well,
Call Chuan the loser and smile! !!
But in this match, Chuan has any cowardly hand
Even if you use it, make Xiaodie bumpy,
I was going to get her revenge ...
And, how, another male player also joined in the middle of the game,
She can't even attack and gets messed up ...
Furthermore, Ling, who happened to come to practice after the match,
Witnessing the fainting Xiaodie,
To Chuan who played the cowardly match,
She attacks with a fierce repulsion, but ...
Ling has the same eyes as Xiaodie ...
Don't miss Chuan and B's villainous outrage! !!



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