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Heroine Ultimate Pinch Lo Whirl Star
Heroine Ultimate Pinch Lo Whirl Star


sell year 2021/ 05/ 28
data 70+10分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Heroine Ultimate Pinch Lo Whirl Star

price 7,200 JPY

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Erica is an otaku novelist who loves the adventure novel "The Star of Lo Whirl" as a bible of the heart. When the villain Moush in the novel is cornered by the star of Lo Whirl, he teams up with the mysterious demon king Diabolos and jumps out into the real world from the final volume of the illusion that Erica got! In the novel, Princess Lobelia misunderstands the two Erica as princesses and is targeted by the Mooche crew, but from the final volume, the star of the female knight Lo Whirl appears! The star of Lo Whirl, who fights to thwart Moosh's ambitions, confronts Mooche's magic with his three armor brothers in steel armor!


Ai Kawana
Tsukimi Takeichi

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