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Lesbian Battle Pride 18
Lesbian Battle Pride 18


sell year 2023/ 06/ 02
maker BATTLE
data 66分min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Pro-Wrestling

Lesbian Battle Pride 18

price 9,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

I have the best technique to make a man cum! !

Two women who speak so boastfully make each other go with their arms! !         
Can the technique of two people make a woman ascend to heaven!? ?
A transcendence lesbian battle begins to determine who is superior as a "woman"...! !      
And the fierce erotic technique battle develops into a real development! !

Up-and-coming newcomer Tsuji approaches Ichijo in the final match of the series! !
Fans and maniacs coveted for the fierce battle between kunzu unraveling each other! !

Strong guys colliding with high-level erotic tech! !
Don't miss the if development lesbian battle fuck! !

With the erotic technique that boasts of a partner who is not an intrinsic lesbian
Let me feel it, take away the fighting spirit, and win! !

Same game, different ending! ?
Recorded in two patterns, SideA and SideB, using different camera angles. Even though it's the same game, you can not only watch it with a fresh feeling, but also because the ending is different depending on the if development, you can fully enjoy the humiliating scenes of both sides, and you can also see the defeat of both sides, which is a great deal. specifications. Especially recommended for those who want to see a woman covered in humiliation as much as possible! !

Intense, dark, voluptuous...a woman's pride bet
Erotic god battle fuck that makes a woman orgasm! !


Sakura Tsuji,Mio Ichijyou

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