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Ai Suzuki's Challenge against Bonnoji !
Ai Suzuki's Challenge against Bonnoji !


sell year 2014/ 11/ 28
maker Bonnoji
data 47分min
Genre Battle
> Erotic Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice

Ai Suzuki's Challenge against Bonnoji !

price 3,900 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

For love popular AV actress Suzuki find new myself, I'm loaded with full-fledged training! Is it be able to defeat the worldly desires temple Todorokaseru notoriety in erotic world of professional wrestling! !

A stimulus to life, find yourself a new challenge.
The deathblow that utilize the body to emergency worldly desires temple in souvenir ...
Minions of Kageyama to wait for the supposed challenger come. Suzuki you have finally arrived, it Sugomu a fight with the first yourself if you want to fight with Kageyama. But would have been easily defeated in front of the overwhelming power of Suzuki. The fallen minions and multiplied by the final blow in the deathblow to, Kageyama enters the cut in Suzuki adding it still attack by fainting. Kageyama, when drop kick easily done the minions outside the ring, was the pounce fiercely to the left fell Suzuki.

Good fight in vain to defeat left love Suzuki. The ring only lovely voice that does not in words had sounded forever and ....


Ai Suzuki
T172 B87 W59 H88

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